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Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Ads Near Me and how we can help your business get more leads and sales through Google Ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Advertise your business with Google Ads and attract customers searching for what you offer. Google Ads allows you to show up in front of customers when they are ready to buy. This gives you the opportunity to drive more sales and grow your business.

With Google Local Services, you can advertise your business on Google and generate high-quality leads from customers in your service area. Google Local Services ads show up above the paid search ads and the organic results. This means your business becomes more visible to potential customers. This prime ad placement is key to generating more leads and sales for your business.   

When you advertise on Google through Local Services, your ads are shown at the very top of Google search results. In addition to this increased visibility, a customer can easily connect with you by clicking the phone or message button on your ad. You will receive these leads as phone calls or messages. Instead of paying for clicks, you only pay if a customer calls or messages you directly through your ads. 

Eligible businesses can earn a Google Screened or Google Guaranteed badge that will be showcased next to the business name and on their profile page. This green badge of trust helps you build credibility with your customers and increase sales since it shows customers that Google backs your business. You are only able to run Google Local Services ads if you have one of these badges. 

Different industries are eligible for each type of badge, and depending on what badge, businesses will need to meet specific license or insurance requirements. If you are a Google Guaranteed provider, Google may be able to refund a dissatisfied customer up to $2,000 if they booked your service through Local Services Ads. Check your business’s eligibility here. 

If you own a home service business such as a window repair or plumbing service, you can apply for the Google Guaranteed badge. This will help increase your business’s credibility and sales. Check out the complete list of industries here and verify your eligibility. 

If you own a professional service business such as a law firm, real estate agency, or financial business, you can apply for the Google Screened badge. This will give you extra credibility and will help boost your sales. Contact Ads Near Me today to verify your eligibility. 

Ads Near Me is a trusted partner for Google Ads. Our mission is to help your business generate more leads and sales through Google Ads. We will give you complete assistance in the creation of Google Map Ads and in the application process with Google Local Service Ads so you can become a Google Screened or Google Guaranteed provider and start showing up on top of the search results.

You can easily sign up online by visiting our Plans Page or over the phone with one of our representatives.